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Next Terraquaculture Training Workshop

News Flash

Due to demand another introductory course in terraquaculture
is being held in Twizel 12-16 May 2010. Only 8 places available.
The contact person is sherylam@kinect.co.nz.

Capability profile is available here.




About the Logo


The Taiji Tao logo is a symbolic model of cultural intelligence based on traditional teaching stones from Asia-Pacific cultures: notably nephrite jade and black and red argillite. The teaching stones are used to convey cultural intelligence. They represent dynamic interactions portrayed by Asia-Pacific cosmologies showing a fiery red earth beneath a black sky; with the blue green jade representing living waters and growing plants. The circular shape of the logo represents the sun-earth phoenix with a white moon inside reflecting the changing tides of human knowledge for the living waters that sustain life on earth.


Taiji Tao is the living Dao. Neither a religion nor an abstract philosophy, Taiji Tao is a practical set of principles for achieving social harmony in sustainable communities. Taught by Kung Zi to his students 2500 years ago (his name Latinises to Confucius) Taiji Tao is the practical and applied, every day living Dao providing our main inspiration and focus.  


What is   Tai ji Tao CARDO


Tai ji Tao CARDO is a not for profit community and regional development organisation implementing international principles for sustainable development, sustainable communities and environmental protection (UN Agenda 21). Taiji Tao teaching and training methods and our research and development programs acknowledge and promote the traditional cultural intelligence of Asia-Pacific people.


In our programs, scientific knowledge is integrated with the cultural intelligence developed by Asia-pacific cultures over millennia. Cultural intelligence is communicated by the language of the universe (songs, dances and symbols). While scientific knowledge relies on alpha numeric literacy and analytic thinking skills. Cultural intelligence and scientific knowledge are integrated in our programs. 





Before engaging trainees in Dao symbolic logic and more difficult disciplines developing Dao cultural intelligence, they are taught the basics of Dao analogue mapping and modelling for watersheds and other landscapes.


Advanced Taiji Tao students can study


The Dao de Jing approach to natural farming and sustainable development. In this method the key focus is farming living water flowing through the landscape.

Prognostic Yi Jing methodology for exploring the dynamics of complex systems; this method has entered modern science as Monte Carlo system simulation.

Taiji, pak-wah and luo pan for mapping and modelling landscapes: these tools underlie the integrated Dao craft and science of Feng-Shui (the landscape school). 





Taiji Tao personal skills training and capacity building programs are designed to provide you with the skills and capabilities needed for you to assume full responsibility for your life and livelihood. In all our programs Taiji Tao works from heuristic learning-by-doing exercises to practical and applied projects. Turning problems into prospects is our CARDO’s mission. Creating intelligent solutions to intractable problems is our special talent.  



PO Box 108 - 11 Mount Cook Street
Twizel New Zealand

Phone 64 3 4353 227 Fax 64 3 4353 227

Email: taneh@watershed.net.nz



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