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Tane & Associates operates an independent training, research and development facility focusing on practical and proven technologies for integrated planning, development and management of aquifers, floodplains and watersheds.



Mapping & modelling watershed systems

Riparian ecology & restoring watersheds

Floodplain planning & catchment management

Natural farming & forestry systems

Asia-Pacific terraquaculture systems



Watershed Audits Habitat and regolith mapping, aquifer recharge, land degradation and stream health assessments using remote sensing, benchmark surveys and ecological indicators. This project is based on watershed systems’ methodologies for establishing benchmarks and mapping and modelling sustainable development for multiple landuse watersheds: based on case studies in New Zealand, Australia, China and India.

Floodplain Planning Sustainable development of floodplains requires high resolution digital orthophoto mapping to enable accurate and reliable floodway mapping. We offer practical and applied applications of geospatial technology including environmental imaging systems for environmental design of natural farming and forestry systems, and for planning and developing floodplains sustainably.

Riparian Management Riparian zones are critical management areas needing special attention. They are important aquifer zones providing reliable supplies of fresh clean water and when operating to their full potential generate the highest overall land productivity. Learn how to re-hydrate riparian zones and their underlying aquifers to maintain reliable water supplies all year round.

Natural Farming Systems: The customary practice of natural farming in the Asia-Pacific realm is terraquaculture – farming living water flowing through the landscape.  Land based terraquaculture systems re-hydrate the landscape and rely on aquifer fed springs to meet the needs of natural farming, beneficial waste reuse and rehabilitating high country watersheds.




Watershed Systems provides practical and applied programs in capacity building and professional skills training, designed to meet the needs of professional practitioners and community organisations. We provide on-site support, supervisory management and technical assistance for our training, research and development programs.

Learning-by-doing~the proven way to gain new skills!

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